Monday, 8 September 2008

First school day

Today was my first day at school..So i'll post some stylish looks for everyday..and of course all star are at almost of them!

My fashion icons

Some pictures of people I admire for their fashion sense, lifestyle and personality..

Let's start with Anna Wintour the editor in chief of vogue tha we all love and Diana Vreeland the editor in chief of bazaar and vogue during 60s.

Then we have two fabulous and creative designers.The unique Coco Chanel and the eccentric John Galliano.

Next is Audrey Hepburn tha absolute fashion icon!

And after Audrey are some mod's people!Brian Jones,member and founder of Rolling Stones, Annita Pallenberg and Marianne Faithful and the two superstars Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol.

And next are these adorable boho lovers!Sienna Miller,Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Rachel Zoe.

I also couldn't forget the trendsetters Sarah-Jessica Parker and Roisin Murphy!

And last are these fashionable models!Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn, Freja Beha Erichsen and Irina Lazareanu!

Friday, 5 September 2008

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Fashion A to Z

A is for Animal Prints
Animal Prints always look hot!It can be a dress,or even a scarf or a pair of high heels that will transform your look in a minute,and it will make you look more interesting and of course sexy...

B is for Bohemian
I am really inspired by 60s and I find really amazing the way that people were living and dressing at that time.It was all about sex,drugs and rock'n' roll,so why don't we enjoy our life too?

C is for Clutch
Clutches are really fashionable,especially when they have an impressive colour or are made of a material like leather..And remember that a clutch isn't just for a formal oufit,you can hold it even with your everyday outfit!

D is for Dress
Especially for Little Black Dress!It's the most useful piece that every wardrobe must have.

E is for Eye Liner
I really couldn't survive without my eyeliner. I think that the eyeliner makes the eyes more beautiful and gives them a retro touch!For this season it's all about the blue and the white eyeliner.

F is for Flats
I guess all of you love your ballets or your gladiator sandals!Flats are elegant and a bit more comfortable than high heels..They're perfect for a walk,for a shopping spree,and of course for a day at work or school.

G is for Glasses
For both sunglasses and glasses for vision correction.Especially for huge glasses,for the adorable wayfarers,for aviators and for everything weird and unique.Glasses are also the most important piece of the geek chic style,that's really in the last days!

H is for High Heels
I agree completely with Marilyn Monroe, who had once said ''I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot.'

I is for Imagination
Because imagination is everything!Be creative and dare to dress as you feel and want..That's the only way to create your own style..

J is for Jeans
Just can get enough!Skinny, full leg, boot cut, straight, high waisted, cropped, bell bottoms..You can wear them everywhere,both on casual and formal days.

K is for Knits
Most of us love our thick cozy and comfortable sweaters,that keep us warm in the winter.They can be worn with leggings and high heels,with jeans and boots and even with a chic dress or skirt.They're so easy that we all love them.

L is for Leather
The key-piece for a rock-star style,which I find really hot.I love leather leggings and of course leather jackets that make you look so wild!

M is for Maverick
Don't be afraid to experiment and start your own trends!Fashion is not only what the designers decide,it's all about you.Fashion is a game, the only thing you should do is to play!And you may win..

N is for Nail polish
Red,black,pink,orange,yellow,fuksia,blue!Everything is welcome...

O is for One of a kind
Because we all are unique,no matter what we wear!

P is for Pearls
I think that pearls are a girl's best friend!They add a sophisticated style to your look and they make you feel like Audrey Hepburn at Breakfast at Tiffany's!

Q is for Queen bitch
Because you must enjoy yourself..Feel free to live on your own way,to dream with eyes closed or open,to experience,to be happy,to be sad,to make mistakes,to apologize and to forgive.Feel free to feel!Feel free to dress!

R is for Royal Blue
One of my favourite colours,just because it makes you feel like a wealthy princess!It can be a shirt,or a clutch or even a nail polish..No matter what it is,you'll look stunning!

S is for Scarf
I must admit I am addicted to scarves..Everytime I go shopping I buy a new one.And I can't go out without a scarf decorating my neck, no matter if it's summer or winter!I feel naked without it..

T is for T-shirt
A simple white t-shirt is never out of style!It is really easy to be worn and it matches well with everything.It's even more stylish if it's a music band t-shirt,for example a Rolling Stones one!Just lovely..

U is for Ugg Boots
The most wonderful boots in the world!So comfortable (I guess,because unfortunately I don't have any pair..) and so cute!

V is for Vintage
Of course!What else could V be for?..These days vintage is more popular than ever.And why not?It gives you the opportunity to be the only one who wears that particular dress at the party.

W is for Wang's Collection
Alexander Wang had created his first collection,after graduating from St.Martin's College.And of course it couldn't be something less than amazing!I really loved it.Check it if you haven't already done it..

X is for X-tra Big Jewelery
Put on as many necklaces as you have all together!And wear thousands of bracelets (well, not thousands..)!

Y is for You
Because in the end,it's up to you..

Z is for Ziggy Stardust
Because we all love rock glam!So let's put on our gold leather leggings, our high heels, our glitter eyeshadow aand..let's dance!